The most common problem in dry weather is an itchy scalp.The best remedy to relieve all scalp problems is Soulflower Tea Tree Anti-dandruff Oil which penetrates your hair follicles, prevents dandruff, itchy scalp and irritation.

What Tea Tree Scalp & Dandruff Care Oil does to You?

It is a vitamin enriched complete scalp care formulation. This ideal dandruff remover oil cleanses your scalp, removes flakes, relieves scalp irritation & dryness while providing an extra condition to your hair.
• How to Apply: Apply directly to hair.
• Before: Dampen your hair.
• How Often: At least twice or thrice a week.
• How to Use: 2 or 3 teaspoons of Tea Tree Scalp & Dandruff Care Oil for Dandruff free and better hair growth.

It will take at least 7 applications to see the best optimal results.


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