I have shared many natural and organic, easy homemade remedies before with you. I have voiced many times about the effectiveness of natural oils. So, what’s new for today? I will tell you how to beat oil with oil. Sounds intriguing? Then let me tell you my story.....

Beauty regime has walked a long way from cosmetics to natural healers. Drifting around any beauty aisle, skincare, hair care and other beauty essentials entirely made from naturally extracted organic oils will snatch your glimpse. Face oils. Sounds counter-intuitive! No doubt. But, they are effective healers, they are lightweight and thus they are leading. 

Yes, I admit, I was very much iffy about using facial oils for cleansing as I was already having oily skin. There was a time all I took the effort to search an “oil-free” skincare product for me. I was dubious about its efficacy and was also tensed thinking oils would clog skin pores giving me a face full of blackheads and give back my teenage acne-prone skin, again!! No, I was wrong.

The irony is, one fine day I gave the oil a shot out of my desperation to get a flawless skin. This is what I am excited to share. And, I never looked back. The moment I realized oils are the best natural solution for healthy clear skin, my love for oils revolved into an obsession. So, now I have a set of my own. Because I was enticed to Try Them All!!

Are you not sure where to lay the first stone? Below are the 12 best ones to look for. 


This is the first oil I tried or rather say, the first oil I gave the chance! And, yes! I found my love. Jojoba oil is lightweight, odorless, non-sticky and can be easily absorbed. It is the lifetime solution for both your face and lips and work great as a base for your daily makeup. This oil is truly a blessing as it suits all skin types, rich in vitamins and minerals including zinc, copper, iodine and many more. It moisturizes skin and also balances sebum secretion, treats inflammations and acne giving you the desired flawless appearance.


Popularly known as ‘liquid gold’, Argan oil is one of the most expensive oils. If you’re searching to keep yourself both nourished and young, bring home Argan Oil as your first choice.With Vitamin E, various essential fatty acids, and antioxidants this oil is the single answer to many skin and hair hassles. It works wonder in restoring the elasticity of your skin, its glow and fading fine lines or wrinkles. This oil is perfect for people who want a blemish free skin without an oily complexion.


Using castor oil undiluted might result in making your face more oily than before as it a thick sticky oil. But that’s not the proper way to use it. When a little amount is mixed with some lightweight oils like Jojoba, Grapeseed or Castor oil works wonder. Anti-inflammatory properties of this make it ideal for the breakout-prone skin. Besides helping to control acne, pimples or other blemishes from the skin it also helps is lightening acne marks and scars.


Same application method applies for Avocado oil. This peer shaped fruit also known as Makhanphal in Hindi, Vienna Pandu in Telugu, Alpukat in Marathi, Kulnyaspati in Bengali, and Rujira in Gujarati, also popular for its vast beauty benefits for all skin types. The richness of 25 vital nutrients, protein, and essential minerals, this oil soothes your skin and protects from damaging UV rays.  


This anti-inflammatory oil helps to lighten aging signs like fine lines or wrinkles. It also promotes blood circulation, boosts regeneration of cells and faded other visible imperfections from your skin.


You have got the right name if you’re searching for an easy remedy for acne. Blending 1-2 drops of tea tree oil in any carrier oil of your choice and using it twice a day on your face with a cotton ball can give you the desired upshot. You can use the blend as a makeup remover too. Staying away from the sun is one prerequisite if you apply tea tree oil as it makes your skin more sensitive to UV rays.

I can name few more oils from my makeup shelve.

Grapeseed Carrier Oil, Olive Carrier Oil, Sesame Carrier Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil


For carrier oils, you have options to use it diluted or undiluted. Blend them with any oils of your choice that best suits the needs of your skin and apply.

For essential oils avoid using undiluted or ‘neat’ on skin because these oils contain very concentrated properties extracted from herbs or plants. Using carrier oil as a base before applying on your skin is the best way to get effective results.

We are here to hear from you. Let us know which facial oil you love. Share with us and our readers how you use them in your daily routine!


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